Blake Moore

I have worked with Jon three times over the past seven years. He is a full-service real estate expert who has consistently delivered success… in a timely manner.  Beyond what would be considered expected of a real estate agent, he provided us a short-term lease until we found our new home when our first home sold so rapidly (on account of his hard work). You know he’s the guy when the buyers of your property use his contractor for further improvements after closing. This is a key point to his full-service real estate philosophy. With Jon and his team, I don’t have to scour for reliable problem-solvers. He already has them by his side, making your life much easier. He photographs the properties personally and expertly, further extending the value of his service. With regard to property rollout to the market, there have been many listings I have seen in the past and even currently where the agents fail to list the property in a wide-reaching approach all at once. This has never been an issue with Jon’s team at The Real Estate Works. His initial rollout is aggressive (an understatement). When the showings start to mount up, rest assured it will likely be short-lived, as the appropriate offers will quickly ensue. When considering Jon for your home, be prepared for the research on your home and area to be complete at your first meeting. His expertise extends to honestly assessing your home’s flaws and strengths. He will be honest and forthcoming about what should be addressed and what is best left as-is to ensure a desirable listing without wasteful capital investment unlikely to be realized. With such a costly undertaking of selling a home, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting a service with great value. In my experience, this exceptionalism is truly rare.
I am saddened to say that we are leaving the area and will no longer be able to utilize his expertise. He is truly a one-of-a-kind real estate expert. I tell all of my friends and colleagues they are wasting their time using anyone else.
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