David LaGarde

Jon was asked to take on the sale of our house initially when two other agents failed to produce results after nearly a year on the market and has been asked again to sell our current home which we also purchased from him. “He is tenacious and without question the best person for the job with extensive marketing strategies that are proven to produce desired results.” We interviewed several agents before we relisted our home and Jon stood out as the best qualified person who could produce the results we were after. After being told we could not get the price we wanted for our home and watching it sit for month after month he got us full asking price and frequent showings that our other agents could not get due to poor marketing and a lack of follow through. “Jon is techno-savvy and employs the necessary skills and strategies that are vital to the successful exposure and marketing of your home.” We are now using him for the second time in two years to sell our home without hesitation. “He is truly and without a doubt an exceptional and dedicated agent who produces results and keeps you informed along the way.” His results speak for themselves and I consider myself very picky and high maintenance in these situations. Jon comes through for me. “He always listens and responds quickly to any concerns or needs.” I never questioned his motivation in the sale or purchase of a home. We were his priority in both situations. There are a lot of agents out there who are hungry for listings and that is there only interest. They will tell you what you want to hear to get the listing and then walk away and let someone else sell it because they are guaranteed half the commission no matter how much effort they put into selling your home. They often overprice your home, telling you it is worth more than it actually is to get your listing. “Jon is fair and knowledgeable and is someone you can trust to get the job done and to produce results often much quicker than other agents in the area.” He knows how to market homes and get you the exposure you need to produce offers. Jon has extensive knowledge of the area, especially with Ardmore, and his connections, and specific strategies for marketing homes are incomparable. In my opinion, there is no decision for you to make. “He simply is the only person you should even contemplate listing your house with.” No other agents in the area will even come close. Jon has my 100% stamp of approval.” I do not consider Jon just my real estate agent, he is a valuable friend and someone who you can put your faith and trust in.”

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