Michael Sherwood

Jon and Tina,

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with EVERYTHING you did to sell my home so quickly. When you came to my home for a consultation, and told me how much to sell my home for I was immediately IMPRESSED! Jon as I told you I was in no hurry to sell due to my back problems but wanted to sell at a fair price and that I would not take X amount less for my Well kept home. I told you that I wanted to find a buyer for the good of my retired neighbors and neighborhood. (as you said, You could not pick or discriminate as I would not expect of you) I was not sure you would list it because of my demands. Well you did and your marketing and virtual tour was targeted towards the PERFECT buyer. I think the first perspective buyer/showing has now closed on my home. They looked at it the 2nd day it was on MLS. I think they made an offer within 12-14 days as did the second showing also made an offer the same day! With the real estate market as it is I can NOT believe that I have closed on my home that you SOLD and closed on the home I bought. In less than 5 weeks! I have sung yours and Tina’s praise to EVERYONE! I love my neighbors and the buyers will be a PERFECT fit for them. Jon, you SOLD my home too quickly! Now you need to move me because as I told you when I listed with you”I was in no hurry”! LOL.. What a good problem to have! If ANYONE needs a reference, JUST LET ME KNOW! Once again, Thanks to you and your assistant Tina for your HIGHEST of standards in marketing and professionalism in the real estate profession. I will certainly refer, recommend and speak VERY highly of the both of you!

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